Kelsey Serwa Rey

Today retired Olympic gold medalist is still a big passionate skier. Her Ripsticks are a combination of her personal style and sporting successes achieved with her best friend Brittany Phelan at the Pyeongchang games.

Brittany Phelan

Kelsey's best friend. Canadian ski cross athlete with a silver Olympic medal in one pocket and big passion for mountain biking in the other. And that's what her skis are all about.

Polona Hercog

When two very different sports become one through a ski design. As a professional tennis player she also has a close connection with skiing since she grew up in a Slovenian city with a strong skiing culture.

Nina Šušnjara

Slovenian fashion designer created Delight skis that bear the signature colors and the spirit of the her brand Susnyara. They are urban, raw and unpredictable.


Talented designer from New York collaborated with Elan in 2019. “She thrives to stay inquisitive” and her skis could not express this better.

Lea Bouard

She is a French/German freestyle skier. Her acrobatic lifestyle and enthusiastic spirit throughout the year is the eseence of her We create Ripsticks 94 W

Mirjam Mimi Jaeger

Former X Games silver medalist created a first matching mother child skis to encourage all the little one out there to ski like their mamas.

Caitlin Barter

She also goes by the name Tipsy Canoe Designs. This collaboration brought us a unique ski design with a Canadian native pattern vibes.

Lauren Salko

As an athlete with type 1 diabetes (T1D) she shares a message of hope and determination in everyday life as well as through her ski design created with Elan.