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Zegul sponsorship 2015. "Ice bear & Islands" expedition by Jaime Sharp, Tara Mulvany and Per Gustav Porsanger.

Zegul Sponsorship 2012. One of the Tahe Marine Lifestyle 420 kayaks used by Timo Palo and Audun Tholfsen in "Icy Challenge" expedition (North Pole).

Arctic Return Adventure Tour 2012

Guiness World Record 2015: Fastest journey from North Pole to land (unassisted, unsupported) with Tahe Marine Lifestyle 420 PE kayak

Timo Palo from Estonia and Audun Tholfsen from Norway made kayak/ski expedition from the North Pole to Svalbard in 2012. This adventure was inspired by Fridtjof Nansen/Fram odyssey. Departing on the 24nd April at the North Pole they skied, pulling their kayaks, a total of 1600 km. In a total of 72 days they travelled across the sea ice to Seven Island and then paddled across the leads and through the fiords of the Svalbard archipelago, reaching Longyearbyen on 3rd July.

Expedition kayaks: Tahe Marine Lifestyle 420 PE

Read more about the expedition from: explorersweb.com/polar/news

"Ice bears & Islands" Svalbard Circumnavigation

2015 world first kayak Circumnavigation of the Svalbard Archipelago in the high Arctic of Norway

On September 2015, a team of three kayakers, Jaime Sharp, Tara Mulvany and Per Gustav Porsanger, completed the first ever kayak circumnavigation of Svalbard Archipelago.  The 2200km long journey took them 71 days, during which they paddled north over the 80th parallel.During the expedition they endured days of freezing temperatures and many encounters with polar bears in the Arctic wilderness. 

Expedition kayaks: Zegul Empower

Read more about the expedition here: svalbard.worldwildadventure.com


Tahe Outdoors Patagonia Austral Expedition 2015

There is a new kayaking route between Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales in Chile

Expedition team: Arek Mytko (Poland), Maurico Alarcon (Chile) and Alex Albarnoz (Chile). The team sailed from Punta Arenas after 33 days to get to Puerto Natales in southern Patagonia in Chile, paving a new way kayaking. On five hundred kilometers section of runoff had two portage through the mountains and valleys.

Expedition kayaks: Tahe Marine Wind 585, Zegul Searocket, Zegul Empower

Read more about the expedition here: facebook.com/taheoutdoorsexpedition


Explore Greenland - a sea kayak adventure

In 2018 Tara Mulvany and Fi Lee explored Greenland by kayak

In June 2018, Tara Mulvany and Fi Lee paddled from Ilulissat on Greenland’s west coast, to the village of Nanortalik, which sits approximately 1300km south near the island’s southernmost point. Along the way they passed several remote communities where they resupplied with food and fuel. Between these stops, they were self-sufficient for up to a month at a time.

Expedition kayaks: Zegul Empower 

Read more about the expedition here: paddlegreenland.wordpress.com


Endurance Mission - Paddling Upstream 2019

To paddle home from Norway to Hungary more than 4500 km

When your mum asks you to come home, Richard J. Varga took the most ineresting way into the unknown.

Expedition kayak: Zegul Play PE

Read more about the expedition here: facebook.com/Endurance-Mission-Paddling-Upstream  and here: facebook.com/media/set