Zegul story

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Zegul sponsorship 2018. Greenland expedition by TARA MULVANY an FI LEE.

Zegul – Precision Nordic Watercraft 

Zegul - Combinging Nordic boat building knowledge! 

The history of Zegul Kayaks started with Tahe Outdoors. Tahe Outdoors was established in 1989 by Estonian competition paddlers Indrek Tuul and Taavi Rajasalu. From the start, the company was closely connected to Scandinavia and Finland - first kayaks were built with the help of Finnish colleagues from Finnish Canoe Federation. The first brand for kayak and canoe range was Tahe Marine.


Zegul Sponsorship 2013-2014. One of the Tahe Marine Lifestyle 420 kayaks used by Timo Palo and Audun Tholfsen in "Icy Challenge" expedition (North Pole).

Zegul brand ambassador Jacob Bols is having fun with Zegul Arrow Play 3D C-core.

Zegul was established in Sweden in 2008 by professional kayakers Alexander Nyberg and Johan Wirsen. 

Alexander Nyberg and Johan Wirsen went out to create a high-performance sea kayak with excellent tracking and rock solid stability that would supersede other kayaks of the time. The legendary Zegul 550 was thus born. Tracking better, and going faster than the competition, Zegul 550 made a big splash in the paddling world, thanks to its hard chines and avant-garde hull shape. This right away became extremely popular and Zegul became well-known as a premium kayak manufacture, especially in Sweden. Estonian company Tahe Outdoors bought the company in 2009 with the initiative to bring the Zegul brand well-know to other markets all over the world. 

Over the next decade, famous kayak designer Hans Friedel expanded the range around the principle that stability and performance are not mutually exclusive. 

In 2014 the Arrow series from Denmark was also added to the Zegul brand, which added great value to the sea kayaks range.

Arrow kayaks are designed with the focus on play and technique on the water, they react quickly and accurately and are stable even under very demanding conditions. 

Today Zegul kayaks are sold in over 30 countries and continue to intrigue the paddling enthusiasts wherever they are introduced. To this day Zegul’s products are handmade in Estonia by master boatbuilders, ensuring that the spirit of Nordic kayaks lives on.