Zegul kayaks for your adventure

Zegul is a premium Nordic kayak brand dedicated to the adventure on the water. Zegul sea & recreational kayaks are designed to perform in any condition - stability, performance and durability are the most important qualities for us. In Zegul we are devoted to create kayaks that bring exciting and remarkable experience. Paddling adventures are paramount when we design and develop new products. We desire to enable our users to discover the boundaries and to go above and beyond, while also feeling safe and protected. Together we bring the dreams of on-water exploration to life.


Craftsmanship is our heritage. To this day Zegul kayaks are handmade in Estonia by master boatbuilders, ensuring that the spirit of Nordic kayaks lives on.

What type of kayaker are you?

Zegul kayaks have special models for every activity and adventure. Recreational kayaks are best for day-touring on rivers or lakes. Touring kayaks are made for paddling longer distances. Play boating sea kayaks are for surfing on a coastline. Expedition kayaks are roomy and forward tracking optimized. 

“There is no need to be bored in a world as beautiful as this!”


The Play

The Play is a performance sea kayak from Arrow family. It is perfect for maneuvering and playing in the sea. It’s hard chine hull has a high degree of rocker and a high volume bow. The mid-section has a slightly rounded hull profile, making it very smooth form edge to edge. It is an excellent kayak for day trips and longer overnight getaways.