After the success of the recent European Championships in Torbole, Italy, the world Techno fleet can’t wait to get back into action at the next international Techno 293 OD class event, which will be the World Championships.

It’s taking place in France, at Saint-Pierre Quiberon from the 29th July to the 5th August, organised by the CDV 56 (Morbihan Sailing Committee). Local clubs come together and work with the ENVSN, the internationally renowned French National Sailing Centre, to welcome a number of international sailing events every year in the magnificent setting of the Bay of Quiberon. A site well-known for its summer thermals and near-perfect sailing conditions for regattas of all descriptions.

The competition website is already on-line. You’ll find all the info you need to sign-in, or follow the event in real time :

Benoit Tréguilly,

President of the Techno 293 OD International Class

We are extremely happy to be organising the 2023 Worlds here in France, and especially in Saint-Pierre Quiberon at the EVNSN centre.

Techno 293 was officially born here in 2005 when the FFV (French National Sailing Association) tested it out and decided that it would be from now on  the official monotype board for all Under 17 competitions. 


It was then recognised by World Sailing and subsequently taken up in more than 60 countries worldwide!

The Bay of Quiberon is a magnificent spot, perfect for a big World Championships like this.

The recent European Championships showed yet again that the class is still extremely strong, especially among younger riders, and this despite the relentless rise of windfoilboarding. We’re expecting at least 350 entrants from 30 or more countries, with the welcome return of the Asian and southern hemisphere nations, sadly absent from the last World Championships due to ongoing Covid restrictions. It’s going to be a great event and week! 

A word from Alain Champy,

President of the Morbihan Sailing Committee (CDV 56), organisers of this 2023 World Championships

"Dear windsurfers,

Welcome to the National Sailing School for this Techno 293 World Championship.

We hope that the weather conditions will be good so that you can enjoy racing in this beautiful bay of Quiberon with fair play and respect of the racing rules of sailing

The organization committee is ready to organize beautiful regattas for you.

Have a good stay and good luck on the water."



Focus on the l’ENVSN and its ideal sailing spot

Created in 1970, the ENVSN (Ecole Nationale de Voile et des Sports Nautiques) is world-renowned for its level of expertise and the unique
infrastructures that help it enable the development of sailing and sail sports. It’s a learning, training, and skills centre for top level athletes, indeed it’s here
that you’ll find the training base for the teams involved in France’s “Orient Express” project, preparing for the next America’s Cup. Its location, on the
Quiberon peninsula in Morbihan, is ideal for sailing whatever the conditions are in the bay. With this location and infrastructure, the ENVSN is able and
happy to welcome many international events and competitions every year.

All the ingredients for a successful World Championships! 


© Antoine Dujoncquoy / Foils Journée

Focus on Techno 293

Since 2006, the Techno 293 OD has been the official monotype international competition board for Under 17s. Today there are more than 10,000 Techno 293 OD boards racing in 60 countries worldwide, with a comprehensive programme of national and international competitions. This exceptional uptake and energy have made Techno 293 OD the single biggest fleet of monotype boards in the world. The Techno 293 OD is ideally dimensioned for riding in a wide range of conditions, from 5 to 25 knots of wind. Its performance in all those conditions and easy control have enabled it to become the ultra-dynamic monotype machine that we
know today.