Zegul accessories & paddles

 Zegul paddles range contains key selection of paddles which are suitable for ever level of experience. Power yourself along the river, lake or sea - we have a suitable kayak paddle for you. Two-piece paddles with quick-lock and adjustable angle are easy to use and make it fit with your needs. 

Zegul accessories: basic sprayskirts, that fit perfectly with your Zegul kayaks and a compact drysuit to keep you warm.


Thunder FG

Thunder paddle has mid-sized, low angle blades, making the paddling truly effortless. The smaller blades are gentle on the joints, yet providing a well balanced and powerful stroke.

Air Drysuit

Air dry suit is a light, simple and compact dry suit for everyday use. It is multipurpose light waterproof top layer paddling suit that leaves you room for base layers and won’t restrict your paddling motion. It offers an outstanding performance and comfort for paddlers wanting a breathable and extra lightweight suit.



  1. Zegul Thunder carbon kayak paddle
    Thunder Carbon
    Kayak paddle
    Thunder Carbon is very versatile paddle for touring and expeditions
  2. Zegul Freya kayak paddle
    Kayak paddle
    Freya paddle is multifunctional everyday paddle that makes longer day-trips feel effortless.
  3. Zegul Thunder Carbon bent shaft kayak paddle
    Thunder Carbon Bent
    Kayak paddle
    Thunder Carbon is very versatile paddle for touring and expeditions
  4. Zegul Slidr fiberglass kayak paddle
    Kayak paddle
    Slidr paddle is light and robust paddle for river paddling.
  5. Zegul Mist Carbon kayak paddle
    Mist Carbon
    Kayak paddle
    Mist is for well conditioned paddlers looking for a powerful stroke in white water and river expeditions