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Zegul Võhandu marathon 2024 ticket campain. Photo by Sven ZacekZegul Võhandu marathon 2024 ticket campain. Photo by Sven Zacek
Buy Zegul composite kayak and get Võhandu marathon 2024 entry for free. Photo by Sven Zacek

Join Võhandu Marathon with us

Liisi Siibak (Zegul Kayaks)

19th Võhandu Marathon 2024

This spectacular event is held in Estonia on April 20th, 2024. Võhandu River, one of the most beautiful and most challenging rivers in Southern Estonia, will be hosting an international paddling marathon starting early in the morning on Lake Tamula in Võru and finishing in Võõpsu in Põlva County. The participants will cover 100 km in one day, experiencing some extreme conditions along the way. The river affords fantastic views of ancient forests, meadows and sandstone bluffs. Read more here:

Olga Kaju, Elo Heinaste at Võhandu Maraton 2023 with Zegul Torpedo carbon. More finisher videos here: 

Võhandu Marathon finish area.

Zegul Võhandu Campaign Rules

Campaign Rules

Exclusive to customers purchasing Zegul composite kayaks from our official dealers & distributors ( during the promotional period (January 10, 2024, to February 29, 2024).


Participation Guidelines

Buying a Zegul composite kayak will give the customer one free entry to the Võhandu Marathon 100 km 2024, while buying a Zegul tandem composite kayak will give the customer two free entries.

Seller will collect customer contact info and send it to Zegul to activate the ticket. Registration requires valid contact information (e-mail, name, kayak model, and serial number).

The 'ticket' constitutes virtual registration for the marathon.

*Composite kayaks are Outdoor, A-core, Rock Solid, 3D C-core, Carbon lay-up.


Terms and Conditions

Promotion valid until February 29, 2024, or until marathon tickets are depleted.

Marathon entries are non-transferable and non-redeemable for cash.


Contact Information

For queries, please contact