Paddling events in Estonia 2023

Võhandu marathon - You can do more than you think!Võhandu marathon - You can do more than you think!
Start of The Võhandu Marathon in 2021. This is the biggest and most popular river marathon in Estonia.

Paddling marathons in Estonia

Liisi Siibak 

There's lots of possibilities to test your kayaking skills & meet fellow paddlers

From adrenaline-pumping down river and sea races to calm river marathons, there's something for every level of paddler to enjoy at the host of paddling events happening all over the Estonia in 2023. 

Whether you're a seasoned pro, just starting out or simply want to be part of all the action - these marathons offer the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself, test your skills, meet like-minded people, learn more about all aspects of kayaking, be inspired, and have some memorable fun on the water.

Abruka Sea Marathon is one of the new events. It is held between islands and starts from Saaremaa the largest island in Estonia. It's a good opportunity to discover local nature and island life. The marathon takes place in July then the weather and sea are the warmest.

Zegul Kayaks team in Võhandu marathon 2022. The biggest and one of the hardest marathons is The Võhandu river marathon 100 km of pure paddling joy. You never know, is it going to be icy or sunny as it is held in spring time. Local paddlers love the event. Photos: Sirli Mangus (Rändajad)

Türi-Tori Downriver Race 2022. Estonian journalists from Paat&Merendus had some fun with Fit111. Video: Paat&Merendus Ajakiri

Happy winners of Zegul lottery kayak in Põltsamaa river marathon 2021. Photo: Aldis Toome

Event calendar

April 15, 2023 Türi-Tori Downriver Race - "It's not for softies!" 
78 km / 47 km / 104 km

April 22, 2023 18th Võhandu Marathon - "By the way, you can do more than you think!" 100 km

June 17, 2023 10. Põltsamaa River Marathon - "Day full of paddling joy!"
71 km / 20 km

July 21-23, 2023 Abruka Sea Marathon
40 km / 27 km 

September Lahemaa Sea Marathon
24 km / 9 km
September 41. Emajõe River Marathon
56 km / 37 km / 18 km

Zegul supports local events

Every year we give a little back to our local paddling community. In 2022 we supported children kayaking education and 3 local paddling marathons.

Come and join us on the water!