Zegul Bayspirit review

Testing the Zegul Bayspirit sea kayakTesting the Zegul Bayspirit sea kayak
Zegul Bayspirit sea kayak has bright and eye-catching design.

Zegul Bayspirit review

Daniel Villadsen (@dvphoto.dk)

Bayspirit from the Spirit series

Last summer I had the pleasure to test out the new and comfortable kayak from Zegul Kayaks: the Bayspirit. I have been testing it out on several kayaking trips around Denmark and will share my thoughts with you about its style, performance and capability.
The Zegul Bayspirit kayak, that I have tested, is a white version with cool green details on the deck. It is together with Oceanspirit one of the most advanced kayaks from former Tahe Marine Spirit series.
Daniel Villadsen testing the Bayspirit sea kayakDaniel Villadsen testing the Bayspirit sea kayak
Loading your kayak for multi-day trip is easy with the Bayspirit.

Zegul Bayspirit is a great sea kayak for intermediate and advanced paddlers.
Photos: Daniel Villadsen

Plenty of room for packing

With a little less stable than the Oceanspirit model, the Bayspirit has gained more momentum with the slightly more round hull. On my trips, I could easy to maneuver the kayak in the waves, and I would say that the stability is still comfortable, but the feeling of it is even more nicer.

With the standard deck layout, you will have plenty of room for both: your gear for day-trips or multi-day trips, as well as an extra paddle, map, or other accessories you may need on the water. A detail I really appreciate when kayaking is the small compartment box in front of the cockpit which provides easier access to small things like snacks, sunscreen etc.

The seat is very comfortable, and the height in the cockpit is fine for my legs/knees as well. Bayspirit works fine with edging - I find that the Zegul Arrow Play kayak is a bit easier to hold the edge - it might be because of the design of the kayak. After bracing it recovered quite fast. Capsize recoveries and getting back to the kayak was quite easy, and the wide hull made it fine and stabile. You just got to be aware not to hit the rudder with the feet or head, when climbing up on the kayak.



The combination of skeg and rudder

The Bayspirit kayak comes with a skeg and rudder* combination, which has worked really nice for different situations. I usually haven’t been using a rudder, but I was positively surprised. I find that it can be very useful when paddling in conditions with extra wind and/or current that can affect the kayak. Another aspect is that having a rudder can also be very helpful for less experienced kayakers, as it can help them control the kayak easier - and thereby can give a more pleasant paddling experience.
Conclusion. When choosing a kayak, there is always a trade-off between handling, speed and stability. From my trips in the Bayspirit kayak, I would say that this sea kayak is a great choice for paddlers who appreciate a quality kayak with plenty of space, practical details and a good all-around usage.

Compared to my other kayaks (the Zegul Arrow Play and the Nuka), the Bayspirit has more room in the cockpit than the Nuka (which is lower and more narrow). In that way I think that the Play and the Bayspirit reminds of each other, while design wise (line/edges or roundness of the hull) the Bayspirit and the Nuka are more alike.

*Upgrade. Bayspirit has SmartTrack rudder starting from 2023.

Daniel Villadsen rolling with Bayspirit - it was fairly easy to roll.

Zegul ambassador Daniel Villadsen Zegul ambassador Daniel Villadsen
Daniel Villadsen

Zegul ambassador Daniel Villadsen is outdoors guide, adventure & lifestyle photographer. For more information have a look at his Instagam page: @dvphoto.dk